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CMX Quarterly Bulletin

Allafrica.com Mozambique News Feed

Transport Operators Complain of Heavy Losses

Maputo -Some transport operators in the central Mozambican province of Manica complain that they are suffering heavy losses due to the ambushes on the province's main roads by armed…

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Official in Tete Attorney's Office Charged With Corruption

Maputo -An official in the Tete Provincial Attorney's Office in central Mozambique was detained last Friday, on charges of corruption.

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New Fuel Importer Chosen

Maputo -The Mozambican Petroleum Importing Agency (IMOPETRO) on Friday chose Sahara Energy as the country's official fuel importer for the next six months, reports Monday's issue of the independent…

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Mozambican PM Urges South African Companies to Invest

Johannesburg -Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario on Monday invited South African potential investors to familiarise themselves with Mozambique's portfolio of development projects, and to decide to invest.

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Inflation Rate Low in October

Maputo -Mozambique's inflation rate remained low in October, with an average rise in prices of just 0.31 per cent, according to the latest figures issued by the National Statistics…

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Maleiane Justifies Paying Ex-Ematum Bondholders

Maputo -Mozambique's Minister of Economy and Finance, Adriano Maleiane, claimed on Friday that the government is doing all in its power to restore the business environment and regain the…

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Another Truck Attacked in Gondola

Maputo -Unidentified gunmen attacked a tanker truck, carrying unprocessed vegetable oil, on Friday, in the area of Zimpinga, in Gondola district, in the central Mozambican province of Manica.

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Zimbabwe, Mozambique in Fuel Talks

President Mnangagwa met with a special envoy from Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi to discuss increasing volumes of fuel pumped through the pipeline from Beira to Msasa in Harare.

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Renamo and Courts Make a Mess of Renamo Appeal

In a protest to the Matola district court, Renamo alleged that the count by the Matola district elections commission gave it 34.51% of the votes for…

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Ruling Party Captured Electoral Process, Says Civil Society

"The 15 October elections were not free, fair, or transparent because the ruling party captured and assaulted the electoral machine," concluded eight civil society organisations (CSOs)…

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Bail Denied for 17 Observers Held for 2 Weeks

Bail was refused today by the Chokwe District Court in Gaza for 17 party delegates (poll watchers, party observers) and the local party agent (mandatario) of…

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CMX Quarterly Bulletin

The Mozambican Advantage

Mozambique Population
  1. Political and Social stability.
  2. Its strategic location in Southern African along 2,700Kms along the eastern coast of Africa.
  3. Gateway to Southern Africa through its three international ports and various international airports, which provide access to more than five landlocked countries in the region of over 250 million inhabitants.
  4. Availability of young and trainable population.
  5. Availability of huge reserves of natural resources, in particular arable land, water, gas, coal, gold, precious stones.
  6. Open and friendly environment for domestic and foreign direct investment.

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