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CMX Quarterly Bulletin

Allafrica.com Mozambique News Feed

Head of State Makes Private Visit to Mozambique

Luanda -The Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, travelled last Saturday to Maputo for a private visit of some days to Mozambique, reads a note issued by the President's…

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No Project in Cabo Delgado Will Be Halted, Says Police Commander

Maputo -The General Commander of the Mozambican police, Bernadino Rafael, has guaranteed that no project under way in the northern province of Cabo Delgado will be paralysed because of…

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First Payment for Suspension Bridge Due Next Year

Maputo -Mozambique's Minister of Economy and Finance, Adriano Maleiane, has confirmed that the first payment of interest to the Chinese Exim Bank, which financed the suspension bridge over the…

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Sustenta 'Innovative Project With Integrated Approach'

Maputo -The rural development project "Sustenta", launched in February 2017 now involves about 500 small scale farmers in five districts in the central province of Zambezia (Gurue, Ile, Gile,…

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Fisheries Minister Knows Nothing About Chinese Boats

Maputo -Mozambique's Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries, Agostinho Mondlane, on Friday denied all knowledge of mass licensing of over 100 Chinese fishing vessels to operate in…

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New Bridge 'Reduces Distance' Between Parts of Niassa

Maputo -Messumba (Mozambique), 7 Dec (AIM) - Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday inaugurated a bridge over the Lunho river, linking the areas of Chuanga and Messumba, in Lago…

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Nyusi Inaugurates Lichinga-Litunde Highway

Maputo -Lichinga (Mozambique), 7 Dec (AIM) - Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday inaugurated National Highway EN14 between Lichinga, capital of the northern province of Niassa, and Litunde, on…

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Nangade Residents Take Revenge On Insurgents

Maputo -Residents of Nangade district, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, have taken the law into their own hands, launching a counter-attack against supposed members of the…

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'Sustenta' Project to Be Expanded Across the Country

Maputo -The Mozambican Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Celso Correia, announced in the southern city of Matola on Thursday that the government intends to expand the "Sustenta"…

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Frelimo Maputo City Secretariat Sacked

Maputo -The Maputo City Committee of Mozambique's ruling Frelimo Party has sacked the entire city secretariat of the party, headed by Francisco Mabjaia as First Secretary.

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Renamo Misreads the Budget - Again

Maputo -Does the Mozambican state budget for 2019 really allocate six times more money to the office of President Filipe Nyusi than to the Ministry of Agriculture?

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Assembly Approves 2019 Economic and Social Plan

Maputo -The Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday approved the government's Economic and Social Plan (PES) for 2019, which had been debated over the previous two…

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CMX Quarterly Bulletin

The Mozambican Advantage

Mozambique Population
  1. Political and Social stability.
  2. Its strategic location in Southern African along 2,700Kms along the eastern coast of Africa.
  3. Gateway to Southern Africa through its three international ports and various international airports, which provide access to more than five landlocked countries in the region of over 250 million inhabitants.
  4. Availability of young and trainable population.
  5. Availability of huge reserves of natural resources, in particular arable land, water, gas, coal, gold, precious stones.
  6. Open and friendly environment for domestic and foreign direct investment.

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