CMX Quarterly Bulletin

Al-noor Rawjee

Chairperson of the Canada-Mozambique Business Council

Al-noor Rawjee was born in Mozambique and spent his formative years and acquired his education in Canada. Since his return to Africa in 1993, Rawjee has been involved in numerous commercial and business ventures in DRC, Angola and South Africa working at the Senior Management and C-Level.

In Mozambique, Rawjee was involved with Ericsson, leading an all Africa team in Multimedia and Systems integration. Today, he leads a number of distinct corporate entities in various sectors including food, education, telecoms and mining.

Rawjee is currently the Chairman of the largest food company in Mozambique, the CEO of the largest airtime distributor in Mozambique, and the CEO of the premier private university in Mozambique.

Rawjee undertook his MBA (Honours) at WITS University and is currently undertaking Doctoral (PhD) studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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