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Tea in Malawi: Market assessment Featured

This report illustrates the current landscape of the tea sector in Malawi, focusing particularly on how the market is affected by the relationships of major stakeholders and smallholder tea growers. Furthermore, it draws attention to challenges and opportunities faced by the different stakeholders, including the commercial estates and smallholder tea growers. As the strategies for facing these challenges and capitalizing on opportunities differ among each group, the reports presents examples of the different strategies taken by certain commercial estates and smallholder associations. Since this report is a part of a larger development and trade strategy focusing on smallholder grower development, and establishing an export market for smallholder tea in Canada, it concludes with observations
and recommendations, including a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of both the estate and smallholder sector.

The report was funded by the Canadian Government through the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives. Tea_in_malawi_Market_assessment.

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